It all started when...

In 2013, I built a pair of speakers for myself as a DIY project. Being a fingerstyle guitar player with a wide variety of musical interest, I wanted to improve my listening experience with recorded music at home. I quickly found that the product I built was so much better than everything on the market, even competitive if not better than $10k+ systems, that it demanded my stewardship and attention as a business.

Now, I build and sell complete full range stereo sound systems full time to help others obtain world class audio at an affordable and realistic price. My father (who also works with me in the business) and I both hold engineering degrees from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville- mine in Mechanical and his in Nuclear engineering. Today, we have both left working directly in those industries but bring that level of technical prowess to our product. We detest and are actively looking to make a huge and permanent dent in the remarkably large world of snake-oil audio sales that still pervades today.

Let us help you with your stereo needs. Whether you need to build your personal network and impress guests with living room get-togethers or mix your own music with speakers that give reference grade flatness across the Hz range, we can help you and make sure that whatever you do with audio will make you choose CRS Acoustics speakers for your reproduction needs time and time again.

-Chris Stanfill 10/29/2017