"I am so happy that I bought my speakers from Chris.  All my life I have wanted high quality speakers but never knew what to buy.  Chris came to my home and demonstrated the speakers that I eventually bought.  I heard sounds coming out of his speakers on favorite albums that I had never heard before.  Everyone who listens to my speakers are blown away by their quality, sound, and the quality of the cabinets that Chris made. He stands behind his speakers with relentless service." Larry M. / Monitor MkII / AN Super 8 /  Stands / BigJoe II + Behringer EQ

"Thank you for the excellent lumber selection and precise cuts, and for the tips on pocket-hole joinery and General Finishes. ...I still have lots to experiment with - speaker placement, spikes or not, toe-in, ducted port length, etc..  But my initial impressions are WOW, what unbelievable accuracy and imaging!"
Steve, St. Louis, MO / 2.8 Ambiance BP / Lowther + AN Super 8 / 2 Watt Per Channel DIY Tube Amp

“They are wonderful. I added a 10 band equalizer and used the pink noise to set level output, as I knew it needed a big low boost...I figure it is because of the smaller cabinet size. Anyway it worked beautifully. The lowest bass is where it needs to be. The sound stage is so wide it is really impressive. On the pink noise I found no peeks in upper-mids which I was expecting nor did it roll off at 15khz. So much for big drivers and hi frequency rolloff.”
David, Vero Beach, FL / Monitor / AN Super 10 / Several Amps including AppJ + EQ & Topping TP10MKIV

"I’ve been really impressed with the speakers, and found they are very well paired with my home-built amplifier (“Zen v.3”; I’m laying out boards to re-build as the version 4). They certainly live up to the best that I was hoping for in choosing full-range drivers, providing an excellent sense of space and position in stereo. This is also the first time that I’ve heard speakers reproduce larger symphonic works satisfactorily --- outside my usual listening habits, as they tend to sound disappointing outside live performance (but, no longer!). Smaller chamber music ensembles and solo instruments are also beautifully rendered. I’m particularly glad these speakers do quite well on harpsichord music, since I’ve got a lot of that in my collection."
Michael, DC area / 5.6 Mk II / AN AlNiCo 12" / Nelson Pass Zen v.3/4

"The sound is wonderful Chris. I don't know how a single driver can put out such an amazing soundstage and reach. Beyond my expectations really and probably the best set of speakers I will ever have. Truly a marvel. I drive my speakers with the Audio Nirvana 300b single-ended triode valve amp paired with a Bellari VP130 phono preamp (fitted with gold lion 12ax7 tube) which is hooked up to a Rega RP1 (performance pack upgrade) turntable. Pure bliss. Room acoustics is very important too. 12 by 12 room. 16 gauge pure copper wire."
Matthew, Mon. Mk I / AN AlNiCo 8" 

"I had a lot of fun listening yesterday. I'm real impressed with not only the delicate micro-detail in familiar music, as well as the sheer volume they can play. I think I'm really going to enjoy my choice in Alnico drivers, maybe there is something special there.  And I do love the cabs...The finish on the cabs is beautiful, and smells really good too. I feel very fortunate to have made the (very reasonable)  purchase.  Very high value speakers which would put most high priced offerings to shame."
Randy, 1960's Scott el84 tube integrated amp (18 watts); MHDT Havana r2r ladder dac (not delta sigma); MacBook Pro using Pure Music as music server