Over our first (nearly three now) years of business, we have continually improved and refined our production process to be faster and more accurate! This means a more beautiful cabinet at a lower price for you. Where other speaker manufactures cover the cheapest materials available with synthetic wood or laminates, we are very proud of using the highest quality core materials available and letting them show. A birch ply cabinet (constructed properly) is beautiful and we love the material the cabinet is made from being allowed to show. U.S. made ApplePly (over $150/sheet plywood and in our opinion the best in the world) is currently our go to cabinet material. Wood is preferable to every synthetic product for sound. To recreate the warmth and tone of most instruments, the human voice, and most music in general, a wooden cabinet is essential. Plastic, MDF, and even Granite are unique, but have a small window of music where their reproduction is satisfactory. You simply cannot beat paper cones and wood!

Other speaker companies spend money where it doesn't help. With snake oil wire, binding posts, magical feet...we will only ask you to spend your money where it really matters!!

Our Audio Nirvana enclosures combine the best materials in the world to create the optimal bass reflex construction. 

  • .75" Apple-Ply Birch 12-14 Ply
  • Acoustic & Formaldehyde Free R-13 Insulation
  • USA Made JSC 14 Gauge Sleeved Audio Cable
  • Anodized Aluminum Spike Feet & Binding Post Plate
  • Premium Binding Posts (wire/banana or per your specification)
  • USA Made Award Winning General Finishes Stains and Topcoats
  • USA Made Premium Packaging