Audio Nirvana Standard Cabinet Pairs


Audio Nirvana Standard Cabinet Pairs

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Order any Audio Nirvana cabinet pair here!! The order form during checkout will guide you through selection of driver size (6.5", 8", 10" etc.) and finish (Natural or Cherry), as well as other build considerations. I recommend contacting me for a best estimate on lead time due to current build schedule.

Cabinet Size ~ Cabinet Price / Shipping Flat Rate within Continental U.S.
Micro ~ $350 / $65
Mini ~ $425 / $95
Monitor ~ $550 / $145
2.8 Tower ~ $1150 / $220
The Following Items Require Pallets / Freight Shipping:
5.6 Tower ~ $1750 / ~$500 Please Contact Us Before Order
8.0 Tower ~ Please Contact Us!
13.6 ~ Please Contact Us!
Add Metal Grills ~ $125

Our standard cabinets are made from the highest quality Birch plywood that we have found, made right here in the United States. This 3/4" thick plywood has a beautiful modern appeal with silver maple face veneers. Our joinery method also leaves no screws showing from the outside of the cabinet, creating a "magic box" effect with no veneer necessary. This allows us to offer one of the best prices on a real wood speaker cabinet in the audio industry, with a stunning visual appeal. Cabinets can either be left their natural tone, or stained with a Cherry color for those that need a darker look. Finally, the cabinets are finished with an environmentally friendly water based gloss made right here in the U.S. by General Finishes. The cabinets are finished with vapor retardant and formaldehyde free R-13 insulation, totally eliminating any resonant frequencies inside the cabinet.

We custom fit metal grills to our speakers for optimal protection and minimal sound incursion. These grills can be taken on or off with 4 anodized aluminum thumb screws at any time. ~ Add $125

Audio Nirvana full range speakers are a requirement for the discerning audiophile in need of a world class stereo reference pair at a realistic price. Previously the pride of many audio DIY'ers, CRS Acoustics is bringing Audio Nirvana sound to anyone. Feel free to reach out to us today about your cabinet build!

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"Which Cabinet Should You Choose?

For those requiring a smaller system, we have three different 'bookshelf' size bass reflex cabinet designs available:

The Micromonitor (.41 cubic feet or 12 liters) was designed primarily as a surround speaker for home theater.  It still makes a nice 'extension' speaker for small rooms.  It is also an excellent computer speaker.  You can supplement it with a subwoofer for more bass output.  Many people also choose it as a center channel speaker.

The Minimonitor (.87 cubic feet or 25 liters) is really our smallest stand alone system.  It has full bass and dynamics and a satisfying overall balance.  It also makes a wonderful center channel or surround speaker.

The Monitor (1.5 cubic feet or 43 liters) is our largest bookshelf system.  It gives the bass output of many floor standing systems in a smaller package.  As with all the bookshelf systems, they can be placed upright or on their side.  This cabinet will accept every speaker size up to, and including, 12 inches.  There is also a Monitor MkII version which has a thin front baffle, but is deeper.  The difference is mainly in the styling.  Both of these can be used on the floor, as the dispersion of all Audio Nirvana speakers is wide enough that stands are not required.

For those who want a floor standing system, we have the following bass reflex systems available:

The 1.3 (1.3 cubic feet or 37 liters) is our smallest floor standing system. It makes satisfactory bass for those who have space limitations.

The 2.8 (2.8 cubic feet or 80 liters) comes in two versions. The Series I has a wide front baffle, but is shallow in depth. The MkII has a thin front baffle, but is deeper. The difference is mainly in the styling. Both versions are available with two different porting arrangements. The "Big Port" version offers more mid bass at the expense of some low bass output. The "Twin Port" version has 1/3 octave more bass extension, at the expense of some mid bass output. We generally recommend the "Big Port" version for most customers.

We also offer two different dual driver designs: the 2.8 Dynamic and the 2.8 Ambience. The Dynamic gives a big, powerful sound while maintaining the same overall tonal balance as the normal 2.8. The Ambience puts a lot more 'weight' in the bass and adds a sense of 'air' to the music. It's our favorite version of the 2.8.

The 5.6 or 5.6 MkII (5.6 cubic feet or 160 liters) offer more bass and dynamics, in a cabinet that is not too large for most rooms.   The 5.6 MkII is narrower and deeper, but will not accept the 15 inch speaker.

The 8.0 Stealth (8.0 cubic feet or 227 liters) is for those of you for whom WAF (wife acceptance factor) is important.  It looks like the smaller 5.6 from the front, but is 5.75 inches deeper (146 mm).  It has more bass and dynamics than the 5.6, but doesn't really look that large.

The 13.6 (13.6 cubic feet or 385 liters) is a huge cabinet that works best with the larger Audio Nirvana models. It can even hold two 15 inch speakers.  It's the ultimate!

And for those of you looking for something 'different', we offer an 'open baffle' type of cabinet:

The Open Baffle is basically just a piece of wood supported by two 'wings' to hold it upright. It doesn't generate a lot of bass and rolls off below 63 hz. However, the sound from the back of the speaker is free to reflect off rear walls and join the sound from the front of the speaker. This gives a 'fat' sound that is very nice for classical music or for people favoring this type of sound. Supplemented with a quality subwoofer, this system gives an unusual presentation. It works best with the largest full-range speakers which can generate more bass without the help of a cabinet.  It's also a way to enjoy our best 15 inch speakers, without requiring a large cabinet." -David Dicks, Owner of CommonSense Audio